Is TikTok harmless or harmful?

Is TikTok harmless or harmful

Is TikTok good or bad? This is a debatable point and TikTok has both pros and cons similarly. So, anyone can’t give a direct answer to this question. Further, both good and bad depend on how you use it. As we know, TikTok is a social media platform for sharing 15-second short videos. On this platform, we will find both good and bad things. So, let’s see what those are! 

The trouble with TikTok

  1. Wide personal data collection:

TikTok may really know you better than your close ones. Keep in mind that TikTok collects data from users. Like:

  • Personal information
  • User content
  • Behavioral information
  • Location and mail address
  • Technical information and more….
  1. TikTok scams

Here are a few examples of what we know about these scams:

  • Romance scams
  • Scam apps
  • More likes and followers
  • Phishing scams
  • Cryptocurrency investment scams
  1. It causes your mental health

These days, kids and the younger generation spend more time with TikTok. So, it causes their mental health with these bad habits:

  • Compare yourself with others
  • Self-absorption
  • Body image issues
  • Cyberbullying
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Missing your daily work
  • New potential mental health conditions
  1. TikTok platform share your data with others

TikTok generally uses user data to improve its services. However, the company does admit to sharing data with third parties. It shares data with these companies or people:

  • Business partners
  • Service providers
  • Payment providers
  • Advertisers
  • Law enforcement

How to use TikTok effectively?

  1. TikTok is very user-friendly
  2. Through this platform, you can show your skills to the globe
  3. You can follow the latest trends via TikTok
  4. It increases your creativity
  5. It causes for increase in mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and more
  6. You can learn more about the world
  7. TikTok is a great platform for showcasing talent and reaching a wide audience
  8. Great marketing platform

With all the good things that come with TikTok, get those good things and enjoy yourself with TikTok! 

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