How to upload a TikTok video?

How to upload a TikTok video

Whether you’re just a casual viewer or someone who’s planning to post videos yourself, or whatever, want to create your first video accurately, this is your beginner guide! I hope this article will help you to create the sweetest and trending video easily! 

Guide to uploading a TikTok video by yourself

  1. Go to the TikTok app and click the “+”  icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click the ‘Upload’ button in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Select media from your camera roll or gallery
  4. Before clicking next and publishing your TikTok video, edit your footage 

What is crossposting?

This is a way to crosspost your TikTok videos with other social media sites such as Instagram, and YouTube, or there’s something you should know.

If you save a video to your camera roll from your profile, it will show your TikTok watermark. This is ideal if you’re looking to promote your TikTok profile on other platforms, watermark is a sneaky feature that is great for TikTok. However, this watermark shows the video is from TikTok. If you upload a TikTok video on another social media site, the watermark is obvious and shows that you got the video straight off TikTok. So, if you don’t need that watermark, you can use some other methods to remove this watermark. 

Bottom line 

Now you’ve learned about how to upload a TikTok video easily and accurately. If you want to stay a popular person on TikTok, your TikTok videos are the most essential thing. If you like these articles, highlight our articles to know more info about TikTok. So, create videos with more affection!

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