What is safe about TikTok?

What is safe about TikTok

Millions of people use TikTok as an entertainment platform. People use it to promote their businesses, brand names, and more. Is TikTok safe to use? Why not? TikTok is safe to use, like other social media platforms. However, TikTok comes with some safety risks, like scams. What are those scams? How to avoid them? Here is the best place to get more details. Wait till the end of the article. 

What are the safety risks that come with TikTok?

Many safety risks come with the TikTok app. They are, 


Different scams come with the TikTok app. Hence, you should know what they are. The first one is following or liking. They will boost your followers or video likes on your TikTok account. If you find such kind of person, just block and report them for scams.

Another one is romance scams. They always tell you the beauty of you. Then, they will try to find as much information out of you as possible to steal your identity. Be careful about those kinds of scammers. Investment scams are another one. These scammers promise to make fast money through crypto or other investments. Block and report to protect your money and properties. 

The next one is phishing scams. These scammers send links. Don’t open any link you received from an unknown person. Phishing scammers use links to download malware to your phone that can steal private information. 

Information isn’t safe.

TikTok also collects more information when you use it, such as other social media platforms like Facebook. You can carefully read TikTok’s privacy policy. They collect more information, such as,

  • Any details you add to your profile
  • Any content you upload
  • Information about what you searched 
  • Any other details of social media accounts you have linked to the TikTok account
  • Location data, etc. 

TikTok shares your information with third parties. Hence, you should be careful when you add information, and content to your account. 

Younger TikTok users are vulnerable

TikTok app does have special protections for kids that are 13 and younger. You can use restricted mode. Hence, children can watch videos on TikTok and even make their own. However, they can’t save their videos to the popular social media app. Likewise, TikTok announced that it limits screen time for teens under 18 to 60 minutes per day on March 1st, 2023. It is a good decision to avoid kids seeing videos with mature content or other inappropriate content. 

How to protect from the risks of TikTok?

If you want to use TikTok safely, follow these tips. These steps help you to secure your data, mental, and physical health. These are,

  • Always watch positive, motivated, and happy videos
  • Ignore the haters
  • Don’t engage with trolls
  • Always be private 


TikTok is a beneficial social media platform for you. However, sometimes a lot of bad effects come with it. Hence, we should protect ourselves from those scams. Here, we have provided some information about scams and tips to avoid them. You can follow these tips to safe on TikTok. 

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