Does TikTok save everything?

Does TikTok save everything

Yes, TikTok can gather your information when you arrive on the site even if you aren’t signed up, via cookies and other trackers. If you create an account, the social network can collect data about your activities and preferences based on the videos you watch. TikTok can collect some data about you easily. So, if you want to know about this for your safety, you can read our blog! 

And, here are the frequently asked questions and answers. 

What does TikTok know about us?

TikTok platform easily tracks which videos users engage with and how long they do so. Also, TikTok’s privacy policy enables the app to track the user’s direct messages, as well as their country location, internet address, and device type. Also, it collects the user’s exact location, age, e-mail address, gender, phone number, and other private data. 

In 2020, According to the “Washington Post”, the app does not appear to collect any more data than your typical mainstream social network. TikTok gathers less data than Facebook and other social media platforms. Keep in mind that the apps we use gather too much data about us.

How does TikTok use our data? 

The main goal of collecting data of users by TikTok and other social media companies is to refine our feeds with content that will keep us on the platform longer and introduce their brand to us with ads. Companies can shape our behavior in ways we are often unaware of, like nudging us to stay on the platform when we should probably log off, by learning more about our interests, weaknesses, and desires. 

Many users find joy on TikTok. However, if you think that collecting data is a harmful or risky thing for you, you can get a break from social media! 

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