Does TikTok allow 18+ content?

Does TikTok allow 18+ content

Yes, In October, the app revealed that TikTok Live users over the age of 18 would be able to host streams that are “limited to adults.” Now, a similar feature will be available on standard TikTok videos. TikTok expects this change will allow users to direct content to “the most appropriate audience.” Now, TikTok will restrict the experience for other minors using the app who are over 13, too. 

Let’s see more about this TikTok community guidelines and age restrictions! 

Why does TikTok say age-restricted?

These restrictions are especially valid for parents. TikTok had enabled a restricted mode, to make it easy for parents to limit what their child sees on their TikTok feed,  filtering any 18+ sensitive content that may come up on one’s For You page. As per TikTok’s policy, its users must be at least 18 years old. But, the platform does allow a younger audience to access its content as well – only with the safe mode turned on.

What is sensitive content on TikTok?

To its in-app search, TikTok added new warnings. When results may include “distressing content” or “sensitive content”, TikTok has employed warnings on individual videos since last year. But since the app was updated alerts will appear in search results for terms that could include such content.

TikTok restricted mode 

If you are below 18, TikTok allows you to enable a feature called restricted mode. The restricted mode feature is to the user by setting a password that filters out and restricts the content that is available. This feature is available to filter inappropriate age-restricted or mature content. 

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