How to change your TikTok name or username?

change your TikTok name or username

Looking to change your TikTok profile name or username? Just wait! This blog will be helpful for you. Even if people know your real name, your username is your TikTok identity. For that reason, you have to change it to suit your current situation. However, knowing how to change the TikTok username is necessary, if you’re a daily TikTok user or marketer. So, read the blog! 

Easy guide to change your TikTok profile name/ user name


  • Firstly, check if you’re eligible to change your username or profile
  • Then, go to your profile
  • Click the “Edit profile” icon
  • Then, click on your current user name and enter a new one
  • Confirm your new user name or profile name and save your changes
  • Finally, share your new username with your followers or friends

Why is our username so important?

A username is essential because it is not only a name, it is your online identity in TikTok. Typically, you don’t give your real name as part of the username so it is anonymous. However, some users also reveal their actual names in TikTok.

Also, your TikTok username shows your channel name to the world. Therefore, all of your content is labeled with that username, and people will identify you or your brand from that username. In that sense, your username is the key factor in introducing your brand on TikTok marketing. And your follower’s number grows as your brand grows.

In some situations, we have to change our username. As an example: you want to change your brand for various reasons in some circumstances. You might be in a different stage of life or if you change your business or brand, then your username is no longer appropriate. So, changing your username is so important, if you want to be a popular person/ brand in TikTok. 

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