How to add music on TikTok?

add music on TikTok

By now, maybe you’ve created a TikTok video, added filters, and done all the things but wondered about “How to add trending music parts to my TikTok video?” And maybe you’ve searched for a short blog to know about that, wait! This is the best place. Without further ado, let’s see how to add music to TikTok videos. See more…..

Creating a video using TikTok music clips 

You have to know how to add music and put a video together if you’re a newcomer to TikTok and want to begin creating your own videos. This guide will show you how.

Step Guide

  1. Go to the TikTok and select the “+ “ icon to create a new video
  2. Select your favorite or trending Sound at the top of the screen to open the audio menu or you can add your favorite music clips to the “Favorite” section and then select the music clip from the “Favorite” menu
  3. Select the song and select the checkmark (Preview a song from within the TikTok audio library until you find a track you like)
  4. Select the red “Record” button and prepare yourself to record the video
  5. Click the red “Record” button, do your lip-sync

Diverse music culture is making your TikTok videos trending. The TikTok community continually uses tracks making waves, old classics, and songs topping the charts. With TikTok’s sound selection at your fingertips, you can navigate your way from the search for your favorite song, and bookmark any forgotten tunes to come back to later. 

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