How often do I need to post to Social Media?

post to Social Media

How often should I post on social media? There is no simple answer to the question. Why? Social media platforms constantly update their algorithms, add new features, and change the rules of engagement. However, we can get an idea by researching and testing our accounts. 

If you think that adding more posts makes you always win. That is wrong. You can’t reach your desired goal by making meaningless, low-quality posts with high traffic. Hence, always keep in mind to add quality posts to attract the audience. 

How often do you post on social media overall?

Just after adding a post to the social media platform, you can’t reach your goals. Hence, you should add quality and meaningful content. The overall of posts on social media platforms is 11 posts per week. Now, let’s see how many posts need to be added for each social media platform. 

  • Facebook

It recommends post 1-2 times per day. It helps you to stay present in the minds of your audience. Likewise, daily posting may lead to faster growth in followers faster. Also, to keep that regular content coming it is a good idea to create a content calendar to stay organized. 

  • TikTok

You can post 3-5 times or more per week. TikTok app recommends posting 1-4 times per a day. The TikTok algorithm is tricky. However, you can reach a large audience by adding more posts. Hence, aim to post 3-5 times per week to stay in front of your followers consistently. 

  • Twitter

The posts you add to Twitter will move faster. That means tweets have a short life span. Hence, you should post a little more when compared with other social media platforms. 

  • Instagram

Some experts recommend creating a minimum of three posts per week on Instagram. You can add these three posts as mix posts, including statics posts, carousels, reels, etc. 

  • Pinterest

Post at least 1 per week on Pinterest. Here, they give more attention to quality than the quality. Unlike Instagram and TikTok, virality is not a goal of Pinterest. Pinterest content has a long life span. Hence, one post can be viewed and shared for more weeks.

  • LinkedIn

The recommended times to add posts to LinkedIn is 1-2 per day. Likewise, LinkedIn content can live in user feeds for a long time. That is why. When someone engages with your post, it will begin to show up in their connections’ new feeds. Likewise, users can filter the content by “top” and “recent”. It helps to increase the longevity of your posts if they go viral. 

How to schedule social media posts?

Do you want to schedule your social media post? If so, you can use different social media manager applications to post with the right frequency on every platform. Likewise, you create post a post calendar that clearly shows when to post and what content to share by using it. Also, social media manager apps allow you to set up bulk scheduling of posts. As well as it lets you schedule multiple posts at once.  


You can add enough quality posts per day or week to reach the audience through social media platforms. Even if you do a lot of posting, if the quality is low, you won’t be able to gain the desired target. Therefore, be careful to add quality posts to social media. 

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