How do I add subtitles or closed captioning to my TikTok videos in Sprout?

add subtitles or closed captioning to TikTok videos in Sprout

Captions offers you an awesome platform to keep your eye on your audience. Captions are a great visual hook so maybe you find an easy method like Sprout Social to add subtitles or captions to your TikTok videos but don’t you know how to use Sprout Social to add captions? Don’t go with another post, just stay on this site. This is the best place to know how to add subtitles or captions to your TikTok videos through Sprout. 

How to enable subtitles and closed captions?

Sprout helps you to display subtitles along with the videos. Keep in mind that you add subtitles or closed captioning through TikTok’s video editor before uploading the video to Sprout. Also, currently, many of us support subtitles using the WebVTT and SRT standards. 


  1. Find and go to the video for which you’d like to add subtitles. Then, enlarge the ‘Additional Video Settings’ section, and tap the ‘Manage Subtitles’ button
  2. Click the ‘+ New Track’ button
  3. Then, for the subtitle track, choose the language and press ‘Choose A File’. 
  4. Now, choose the WebVTT or SRT file on your PC and click “Open”. Click ‘Add Subtitle Track’ after the file is selected
  5. Now, your video will display the subtitle button in the video player. Now, viewers can select the subtitle track when watching the video

Captions are for everyone 

Captions can make watching inevitable! You can add captions whether they’re seen on autoplay or as Stickers on Insta, which are another chance at a headline. If you’re creating your captions engaging, think about them as another chance to get your audience hooked on your content. So, captions are a great way to catch your audience’s attention easily and quickly. 

Why use Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is a powerful third-party partner that provides many additional features such as social media analytics, social management, customer care, commerce, and advocacy solutions to more than 33,000 brands and agencies worldwide. Also, you can create a cohesive content plan by scheduling TikTok videos, replying to video comments, and comparing how your content performs on the platform over time.

The WebVTT standard 

The WebVTT standard is starting to become widely adopted by all of the major web browsers for HTML5 subtitle and captioning support and offers a simple, extensible, and human-readable format on which to create timed text tracks, so many of us select this standard. It is very simple and easy to handle. A WebVTT file must start with the header “WEBVTT” and then, it is followed by one or more “cues”. 

Bottom line

By making you a safe viewing choice for your audience, captions solve for environmental accessibility. Captions are a great way to help your TikTok videos “blow up”!  If TikTok captions make your videos fully accessible to a larger audience, including those who are hard of hearing, you’ll reach an even wider audience with your content. So, add engaging captions to your TikTok videos in Sprout!  

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